PBS series Find Your Roots which helps celebrities discover their rich ancestral history went on hiatus after its Ben Affleck scandal when the series, per Affleck's request, omitted Affleck's slave-owning ancestor from his family tree. For shame. The show makes its grand return in January and already there's a bombshell (for the people involved) coming out of the new season: Fox News' wackadoo Bill O'Reilly and liberal comedian Bill Maher are related. 

The two news figures, who generally disagree on things such as police brutality but share other view points, are set to find out about their connection on the episode that airs Jan. 12. After being told they're distant cousins here’s how the Bills reacted, according to the Associated Press:

"Oh, geez," O'Reilly said. "You're going to have to put him on 24-hour medical watch. This ruins his career. This destroys him."

Maher said, "It just shows you what a great place America is because we're about as opposite as you can possibly get."

DNA consultant to the series CeCe Moore said a test of the men's Y chromosomes revealed the two share a male ancestor from Kingdom of Breifne in Ireland. 

Season three of Finding Your Roots premieres Jan. 5 and will feature celebrities including Sean "Puffy" Combs, Maya Rudolph, Shonda Rhimes, Jimmy Kimmel, Sen. John McCain, and Dustin Hoffman.