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Whether or not you think it's a sign of the demise of our culture, you have to admit that celebrity gossip is weirdly entertaining. There's something kind of nice about shutting off for a hot minute—forgetting about your student loans, or your breakup, or Donald Trump—and reading some way-too-personal stuff about people you only know from TV or the movies. Also, in our own lives we're inclined to gossip behind people's backs (you know you are). Gossiping about celebrities allows us to take that inclination an entirely new level, because we're so detached from the famous people we're talking about. It becomes to feel like a sort of fantasy, a narrative we all build together separate from reality. 

Because it's so enjoyable and easy, and because we need that sort of escape, celebrity gossip is at an all-time high, in terms of quality and quantity. More and more websites are devoted entirely to sussing out (and manufacturing) the personal lives of celebrities, and that's led to an unfathomable dearth of content in 2015. One minute we have an outlet reporting on Leonardo DiCaprio's beard having fleas, and the next invasive photos of Justin Bieber are hitting the internet. What a time to be alive.

With 2015 wrapping up, we collected the best defining moments in celebrity gossip—real and fake—this year. Turn off your mind, relax, and keep reading.