Hometown: Florence, Alabama
Currently lives in: Atlanta
Where to find his work: AlanAveryArtCompany.com
Thoughts on his art: “The overall narrative I’m interested in is Southern culture and contemporary underground culture, and where those two aesthetics meet. But it’s also of an exploration into blackness and its identity in that Southernness."

Why he matters: As a multidisciplinary artist, Meko works with different media to portray black heroes post-slavery, choosing to shed light on a more positive element of blackness rather than focusing on the trauma of the slave narrative. He utilizes a trapped-out aesthetic, visible in projects like Gourds, The Job of Resurrectors, and We Been Gold, which helps his work resonate with a younger audience.

Latest project: "Buoyancy" explores themes involving water, specifically tackling the stereotype that black people can't swim. It also comments on Meko​'s previous experience as a fisherman.