There probably aren't too many people outside the Church of Scientology who like the Church of Scientology. But few people hate it as badly as Erin McMurtry, a 31-year-old woman who deliberately drove her car through a Scientology center in Austin, Texas.

On Monday night McMurtry drove outside the center to stake it out. She then drove right into the building's glass doors, which led her into the lobby and nursery. She then backed out and sped away. 

According to the New York Daily News she had been acting strangely earlier that night. After the incident, concerned family members reported her to the police where she was then arrested. She apparently had been breaking bottles and throwing things at her friend's businesses. 

"I lost it. They're a terrible organization disguised as a church," she told police. "I wouldn't walk into that church, I would drive into it." 

No one was injured, which also seemed to really piss McMurtry off. "That's too bad," she told cops. 

When cops told her there were no injuries and she smashed through the church’s lobby and nursery, McMurtry replied, “That’s too bad.”

I mean Scientology sucks and does a ton of awful things to people, but this just seems a tad extreme. Alas, Xenu will punish her.