To promote their new film SistersAmy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live. While we didn't exactly know how, we hoped the two would reprise two of their most famous characters from their time on the show—Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Fortunately, SNL found a way to make it work and succeeded with a pretty hilarious (Hillarious?) "A Hillary Christmas." 

The sketch begins with 2015 Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, ready to go to bed. She's had a pretty good week. "The Republicans are bozos, the DNC is sabotaging Bernie," she says maniacally, looking at herself in the mirror. She then gets into her pjs—a pantsuit—and quickly falls asleep. Suddenly two very important figures from her past arrive.

Poehler is the first to join, playing 2008 Hillary. The two embrace, 2015 tells 2008 about Donald Trump, and, in perhaps the best bit of it all, crushes 2008's phone as she prepares to send some emails. The two are then joined by Sarah Palin, because why not? Palin reminisces about her own election, stating, "I was paired up with that cute little John McCain fella, may he rest in peace." Ha. 

Anyway, it was a pretty good sketch, bringing three of SNL's most talented players to channel some of their best characters. It had to work.