"I never really thought about feminism, it wasn’t even a thought until I started noticing things that weren’t quite right," Amber Rose said surrounding her first Slut Walk event in Los Angeles earlier this year. "I would post a picture of me and my son and the people will go in and say, 'Does your son know his mother is a whore?'" Thankfully, Rose has spent the better part of 2015 making the reversal of this egregious inequality the central focus of her public image. For her latest move toward a future free of baffling instances of slut-shaming and outright sexism, Rose took to the pages of PAPER to channel a variety of feminist icons in celebration of her recent book How to Be a Bad Bitch:

Amber Rose Dressed Like Dorothy the Riveter

The images, expertly captured by Charlotte Rutherford, include visual nods to Pussy Riot, Susan B. AnthonyDorothy Pitman HughesGloria Steinem, and more.

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Amber Rose Dressed Like Susan B.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

"All of us as women, let's just stick together and look out for each other," Rose tells PAPER about her hopes for the future of women all across the world. "I was really glad that my Slut Walk was extremely diverse. There were all types of women from all walks of life there. That would be the main thing for me...really just try to take the racism out of feminism for our generation."