Good tidings to all, and to all happy holidays. The turkey is officially digested and that can only mean one thing: For the next four and a half weeks, we are officially in Holiday Season. The time is now for spiked eggnog—the better to help you remain War Ready while you trudge through perennially packed malls, Christmas trees/menorahs/Kwanzaa candles, an endless barrage of holiday music (whatup, Mariah?) across all radio, and of course, holiday-themed movies and television. Because how could anyone be expected to maintain the Holiday Spirit™ for a full month without some timely programming from our favorite TV stations to keep the yuletide fever buoyant? Moreover, the holidays wouldn't be half as fun if they didn't provide a resonant excuse to rewatch the likes of A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Jingle All the Way, Die Hard, Batman get the idea.

But Christmas movies are already well spoken for. We're here to put a Santa hat on the good ol' silver screen tube, and all of the gifts bestowed upon us through the great medium of TV, from the obvious specials to holiday-themed episodes from some of our favorite shows that nevertheless stand on their own. Instead of giving you a straight up list, the brain trust at Complex Pop compiled their favorite holiday episodes and ordered them into a handy viewing playlist just for you. We'll be telling you what to watch on each day up until The Big Day, with carefully selected choices that reflect the peaks and valleys of Chrismukkah-mania. The holidays can be taxing, but TV can get you through them. Stick with us and hey, you might even make it to Christmas.