Bumble is not a heterosexually-exclusive app, but In the heterosexual dating realm of the app, traditional gender roles are abolished and it’s great. Unlike OKCupid where it’s a free-for-all, or Tinder where every dude on there is a creep, when a man and a woman match on Bumble, the woman has to talk to the man first. She only has 24 hours to start a conversation or they unmatch, so conversation actually happens. With women starting the conversation, this usually eliminates dudes being pervs. Usually. For the most part, men actually treat women like people on this app, which is, you know, chill. 

Here are my New Year’s Dating Resolutions for 2016:

1. Date a nanny. 
2. Get a cast member of Entourage to respond to one of my bunion pic DMs. 
3. Someone live tweets my public breakup. 

Nervous to see what new trends 2016 brings, but we’re in this together, fam. See you in the new year. 

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