A woman licked a donut. Two llamas broke bad. A dentist killed a lion. Real people made a television show called The Slap about a slap. A dress made me question everything I know. 

2015 was a weiiiird year. 

I’m going to go ahead and declare that the weirdest part of this year though was dating. Anyone else go to a man’s home for a first date and then he declared he had a stand-up gig in 30 minutes and asked if you wanted to go? Anyone else go on a first date with a guy who told you you would never be able to accomplish your dreams? Anyone else go on a bad Tinder date and have that date mail Chipotle gift cards to your office as an apology? (Just realized that maybe he was trying to kill me). No? Just me? 

I’m just one woman, but I think every person who’s dating in 2015 can relate when I say the social norms for dating in this day and age are BANANAS. As someone right in the thick of it, here are some of the dating trends of 2015.