Note the year. It’s 2015. You’re probably reading or scanning through this on your phone. You might even be doing so from the comfort of a cab you ordered on that same phone, known to citizens of the future as an "Uber." Unless you’ve made the full transition to soulless robot, you occasionally think things like "Wow. The future is crazy. I bet gender equality is doing great!" before stumbling upon spirit-crushing facts like these from the Huffington Post:

Equality is supposed to be the United States' thing, but when it comes to women, the country is falling behind, according to a comprehensive global ranking of 145 countries released Wednesday evening by the World Economic Forum.

The U.S. dropped eight spots on the list to 28th place --  just above Cuba and below Mozambique -- for overall gender equality, which the World Economic Forum measures by examining publicly available data on economic participation, political empowerment, educational attainment and health measures.

This means that 27 other countries are better at "overall gender equality" than America, which simultaneously means that America is obviously doing a pretty not great job:


"It's less about a belief in equality and more about policies and business practices having to catch up with the reality of today's family structures," Saadia Zahidi, head of the Global Challenge on Gender Parity at the World Economic Forum​, tells the Post. As for the world in which a primary caretaker was at home? That "doesn't exist anymore," says Zahidi. Iceland comes "closest to equality," with a reported 88 percent of its gender gap successfully closed. Come on, America.

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