Though it's relatively easy, if not entirely expected, for this planet's ridiculously cynical inhabitants to constantly complain about how disappointing the future has been, moments like this briefly pause the vitriol. Yves Rossy, a.k.a. Jetman, already made YouTubed waves by cruising in his jet-propelled wing device in beautiful formation with fellow pilot Vince Reffet across Dubai. Sensing that only Jetman himself could realistically dream of outdoing that 4K-assisted spectacle, the former fighter pilot decided to fly alongside the world’s largest passenger plane: the Airbus A380.

Of course, jetpack maneuvering in the sky near a large (the largest!) airplane is no simple and/or easy task. According to Mashable, a second (smaller) plane followed the action after the team thoroughly planned "every little detail" of the stunt to ensure maximum 4K-assisted beauty:

If NASA's previously reported news of a possible exit door on the supermassive black hole is any indication, we might be closer to a YouTube video of these guys flying into (and eventually out of) a black hole with their usual manner of grace. The future, though not exactly the utopian dream we imagined, isn't so bad after all.