Life is pretty hard. Sometimes that Instagram you toiled over only gets three measly likes. Or maybe that impassioned Facebook post about fracking gets bogged down with your most obnoxious friend's comments about the glory days of "George Dubyah" and you just delete the whole thing. However, for a young kid still safe from the trappings of general jadedness, there's sometimes nothing quite as pure and downright magical as witnessing automatic doors do what they do best:

YouTube / Abraham Vargas

"Took our son to the grocery store and let him walk around for the first time," reads the video's caption. "He was blown away by the automatic doors." The clip, picked up and promptly rocketed to fame by the Daily Dot, overwhelmingly succeeds in making adults realize just how depressing their answer to the question "When was the last time you really thought the world was just full of wonder?" really is.

Keep this wonder alive, automatic doors enthusiast.