An Orange County man by the name of Benjamin Golden was arrested for assault and public intoxication after being caught on camera attacking Uber driver Edward Caban, who promptly shared footage of the encounter on YouTube and with local police. "I just had fists flying at my face," Caban tells CBS2. "There have been a lot of situations of late that have made me uncomfortable. That’s why I stopped driving late at night."

Caban, who also criticizes Uber’s usual response to these types of situations, says that he picked up Golden in Newport Beach before eventually realizing he was simply too wasted to give proper directions. After an apparent argument, Caban stopped the vehicle and told Golden to exit or he would call the police. Golden then became violent, striking Caban in the face multiple times before being pepper-sprayed and ultimately arrested.

Golden, who reportedly works for Taco Bell as a "senior associate brand manager for marketing," has been banned for life from using Uber.