Turkish fighter jets reportedly shot down a Russian military plane near the Turkey-Syria border on Tuesday after multiple warning regarding air space violations, according to Reuters. Moscow, however, is currently claiming they can "prove the jet had not left Syrian air space." The move marks the first time a NATO member’s armed forces have taken down a Russian (or Soviet) military plane since the 1950s.

"The data we have is very clear," Turkish officials tell Reuters. "There were two planes approaching our border. We warned them as they were getting too close. We warned them to avoid entering Turkish airspace before they did, and we warned them many times. Our findings show clearly that Turkish airspace was violated multiple times. And they violated it knowingly." Though Vladimir Putin's statements on the incident have thus far been scarce, Sky News quotes him as calling the downed aircraft a "stab in the back."

Russia’s defense ministry confirmed that one of its Su-24 fighter jets had been taken down in Syria, adding that both pilots were able to eject. Though the status of both pilots has yet to be revealed, a Syrian rebel group sent a video to Reuters and other outlets that allegedly shows one of the pilots "badly wounded" on the ground. A representative from that group is also claiming that the pilot is deceased.