Sadly, recent tragic events have kickstarted a dangerous rhetoric among some in the U.S. who are apparently adamant on making the lives of innocent Syrian refugees as difficult as possible. Mike Huckabee, predictably, managed to present the most ridiculous quotes regarding the ongoing refugee crisis by spouting a marathon of bizarre food metaphors across various news outlets circus broadcasters.

In addition to his apparent "spoiled Chipotle milk" comparison, Raw Story reports that Huckabee also likened refugees to poisonous peanuts, which is just as ludicrous as it sounds. Thankfully, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah stepped up to offer an appropriate rebuttal to the tomfoolery. "So many food metaphors," Noah told his audience on Thursday. "This is too much. Does anyone have a pack of Imodium?"

Though no one offered Noah any Imodium, he continued with his proper Huckabee blasting: "Well, it depends. How shitty are your kids?" Noah asks in response to Huckabee’s proposition to America regarding the consumption of those aforementioned poisonous peanuts. "If they’re the kind of people who compare suffering refugees to tainted peanuts, then maybe."