If you've ever spent an admittedly large amount of time pondering why or even how it's easier to vote for, say, World's Sexiest Vegetarian than it is to vote for President of the United States, then this one's for you. The Daily Show sent their own Ronny Chieng to find out just how much progress America has made over the past few years regarding voting technology. If you guessed "Almost none!" then, wow, you're spot-on. Excellent.

The moment of true depression comes when a voting official from Michigan shows Chieng a dial-up modem that's actually still used during real elections, a maddening relic that fittingly inspires Chieng to reveal that even his grandmother in Malaysia "would look at this and go 'What the fuck?!'" For statistical impact, Chieng also delivers this brain-smashing figure: 86 percent of states are still using voting technology that's as out-of-date as "a fucking flip phone."

Comedy Central

Bleak stuff indeed.