For reasons not entirely, clowns are still a thing. Sometimes they work children's birthday parties, which is terrifying. Sometimes they make faceless balloon animals for tips, which is also terrifying. For their latest endeavor, clowns would appear to be running amok in Waukesha, Wisconsin just for the sheer horror of it. If you're not interested in sleeping tonight (or ever again), peep the pose this clown in an orange jumpsuit apparently mastered by practicing it all across the Milwaukee suburb:

Nick Bohr's decision to place the word "clown" in quotations is crucial, as Waukesha Police Sgt. Jerry Habanek confirmed to the Journal Sentinel that this specific clown was "a 15-year-old boy who is developmentally delayed" and simply enjoyed the reactions of people (see: everyone) who got spooked by his choice of attire. Habanek also clarified that "none of the clowns are doing anything illegal," though he agreed the behavior would most certainly qualify as "odd." Case solved? Nightmares paused?

Apparently not, because, well, just look at this:

By the best estimates of the equally terrified minds over at Uproxx, this nonsense has been going on for "weeks" and the identity or motive for the so-called "copycat" clown above hasn't been confirmed. Naturally, no one plans on ceasing the freak-outs anytime soon:

Clowns, man. Sleep tight.