Bernie Sanders is out here dancing like no one's watching for Ellen DeGeneres. Hillary Clinton is out here introducing groundbreaking new policies centered on the collaborative concepts of both whip and nae nae. Donald Trump is out here, well, being Donald Trump. What about that Ted Cruz dude? What's he doing to secure his respective party's nomination while also proving to anyone under the age of, say, 60 that he's a hip and happening dude with a totally flames Amazon Prime library?

That's either painfully awful or uncomfortably charming. Can't tell the difference anymore. However, before we start becoming Cruz sympathizers, we should probably remind ourselves that Cruz once said that the empowering #BlackLivesMatter movement celebrated the murder of police. Earlier this year, he got booed during his appearance on Late Show for some predictably dumb thoughts on marriage equality. There was also that time he said he quit listening to rock music after 9/11.

No amount of Princess Bride references can erase that.