These days, kids have a gamut of channels to run through on TV before settling on whatever mind-numbing hyper animation they want. Back when I was growing up, we only had a few real outlets: one was the Saturday morning cartoons that were always superlit, and the other was Nickelodeon, which was slowly growing into the behemoth it'd become. Back then (we're talking late '80s/early '90s), Nickelodeon was still trying to make its name, throwing any kind of insanity on the screen. That kind of unabandoned experimentation could lead to some weird failutes, but it also led to fire like Inside-Out Boy.

You remember the claymation series Inside-Out Boy, right? He was a bugged out boy who did what most kids are told to never do: go so high on the swing that they flip over the bar. In the way most superhero tales go, this small accident had enormous consequences: it transformed his little body, totally placing his insides on the outside and turning him into an avenger for kids worldwide—primarily because grown-ups would be grossed out by being able to see a little boy's heart beating outside of his body.

The video you see up above are all of his adventures—that's right, there's only five minutes worth of Inside-Out Boy tales, broken into five shorts that aired from 1989 to 1993. One of the best is the trash raps of MC Mallet, who Inside-Out Boy 8 Mile's dude in a battle with ease. And while we can't confirm, it's interesting to note that he always spoke on getting through different situations because he had "guts" (which we could all see, because duh). Could that have been the precursor to the Nickelodeon show that "Baby D" failed horribly on?

Shorts like Inside-Out Boy should remind you that no matter how insane you think today's cartoons are, trust: they were just as jacked up back in the day.