A 41-year-old suspected DUI driver in Oklahoma has admitted she "did a line of ice" the night before the incident documented above, an incident that apparently included everything from enthusiastically recited Christian hymns to declarations of divinity. When police asked the woman if she wanted to make a statement, she reportedly chose instead to recite the Lord’s Prayer, according to New York Daily News.

The seemingly improbable chain of events kicked off on Friday when Sand Springs police officers started receiving reports of a stolen SUV in the area. At some point in the early afternoon, officers then caught up with the stolen vehicle before quickly realizing the driver had no intentions of stopping. As these things so often go, a chase was initiated.

As the chase started to come to its inevitable conclusion, the driver kicked things up a couple notches millions of notches by ramming the stolen SUV into Sand Springs officer James Stacy. "I'm God, bitch! Welcome to hell!" she can be heard screaming in the footage above. She later started singing "Jesus Loves Me," reportedly getting as far as "but He is strong" before the performance came to a ridiculously climactic and ultimately pretty terrifying ending.