You've already seen how embarrassed and red-faced students get when porn accidentally starts playing in a library. The only thing more awkward than that is seeing students watch porn together on purpose while a camera captures their reactions. Third year student at the University of Bristol, Gemma Wilson, along with UB's TV station came up with the latter scenario, ripe for awkwardness, as a part of a social experiment. Some of the reactions included: laughter, disgust, boredom (you read that right), and a little bit of shame. Before the experiment even begins one of the students, Toby, asks "My mum's [mom's] not going to see this, is she?" Here's how the sexperiment turned out.

Wilson told the Daily Mail the experiment was meant to observe how men and women—some porn virgins—reacted to porn. The unlucky, or lucky, depending on how you see it, 13 students were split into pairs, except for one student, to watch porn on a laptop. The pairs included two women, two men, or a man and a woman. There was even a guest appearance by a dog, in the video that is. Not in the porn. Despite some of the women being "disgusted" and horrified, including two of the women who first call porn boring, two of the guys were the most awkward of the bunch. This was surprising since typically watching porn is characterized as taboo for women while its seen as "normal" behavior for men. The guys pretty much watched the video in silence. One of them looks away at one point, another is seen visibly gulping. Wilson said of the pair, "Two of the guys were so awkward, they just weren't speaking at all. Their body language is very uncomfortable." 

Watch these students giggle and squirm above. 

[via Bro Bible]