With Americans just hours away from gathering around some sort of televised sport to gorge on dead birds and canned cranberries, the time for our favorite late night voices to reveal what in the hell they could possibly be thankful for has come. Stephen Colbert, surprisingly enough, is pretty thankful for the terrifying Republican circus clown known as Donald Trump a.k.a. "NostraDonald."

Sensing that the so-called "NostraDonald" must certainly possess some sort of magical power to "predict the predictable," Colbert made specific note of the former The Apprentice host's recent (and characteristically oft-repeated) assertion that he predicted the actions of one Osama bin Laden in a "book" he released back in 2000. "That’s spooky," Colbert told his audience on Tuesday's Late Show. "It’s like Trump has some kind of fifth sense that lets him see what’s in newspapers and on TVs."

"NostraDonald is not the only one with this power," Colbert said while dimming the lights and setting up a very necessary candle. "Tonight I will attempt to predict the predictable. I will now commune with the occult powers so I may know the known." As luck would have it, Colbert too has the power to "predict the predictable," as evidenced by his uncanny ability to reveal that the iPhone 7 will be released in 2016 and a hip new frozen yogurt spot will soon open in your area only to quickly close without anyone really noticing.

We're thankful for you, Stephen.