It's been lowkey quiet for Star Trek buzz ever since J.J. Abram jumped spaceships, leaving us with the mediocre Into Darkness in favor of heralding Star Wars' grand return. But here's some news that should excite the "live long and prosper" community: the series is returning to CBS, with a premiere slated for January 2017, just four months shy of the original William Shatner show's 50th anniversary. The reboot, which will reportedly feature both new characters and new civilizations, will be spearheaded by Alex Kurtzman, who produced the two reboot movies alongside Abrams. It's unclear if the reboot series will tie in with the reboot films, which are set to continue with a third directed by Justin Lin due next July and a fourth in 2019.

But the rebirth comes with a catch: the premiere will air on CBS, but subsequent episodes will only be available through CBS All Access, the network's digital subscription VOD/streaming service. It will be the first series developed specifically for All Access, which is $5.99 a month and currently includes episodes from all past and present CBS series, as well as the ability to stream the network live. So, Trekkies: are you guys willing to sign up for yet another streaming service just to have more Enterprise in your lives?

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