Since Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of more than 120 civilians, France has seen a global outpour of support. A visibly shaken Stephen Colbert re-taped the end of The Late Show show on Friday after learning of the attacks to deliver a moving message of support; people of all cultural backgrounds have shown their solidarity with the hashtag #TerrorismHasNoReligion; and you've no doubt noticed your Facebook friends' profile pictures bearing a likeness to France's flag. Indeed, last night's second Democratic primary debate refocused its questions on ISIS and national security, with all three candidates delivering messages of solace in their opening speeches.

It perhaps comes as little surprise that Saturday Night Live forwent regular protocol to address their show of support during last night's introduction. Cast member Cecily Strong was taped delivering a moving message before the show:

Paris is the City of Light, and here in New York City, we know that light will never go out. Our love and support is with everyone there tonight. We stand with you.

She then repeated the same message in French before adding the show's famed line, “And now, live from New York, it’s Saturday night.” Watch in the video above.