With 2015 coming to a close, there are only a handful of films left that we expect will make a huge impression. One of them is Quentin Tarantino's latest and eighth effort, aptly titled The Hateful Eight. The film, which will be released in limited theaters on Christmas Day, has a new TV spot featuring a scandalous group of characters played by Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tarantino regular Samuel L. Jackson.

The Hateful Eight has a pretty rough history, with Tarantino canning the project back in 2013 when the script leaked. But after a successful staged reading of it, he ultimately decided to make the film. The Hateful Eight takes place in post-Civil War Wyoming, where Russell appears as John "The Hangman" Ruth, a man escorting Leigh's wacky and murderous Daisy Domergue to Red Rock, where she must pay for her crimes. On the way they encounter a series of expectedly strange figures, including a former Union solider turned bounty hunter (played by Jackson) and a Confederate soldier (Dern). 

The brief spot hints at the Clue-like structure of the film, and Jackson's character reveals his suspicions of everyone, claiming that someone among the group is working alongside Domergue. 

Before the film drops, check out the spot above.