A Russian politician and her husband died in the back seat of their car on Thursday night when the husband reportedly set off a grenade while they were having sex. According to several reports, the husband supposedly became jealous after rumors spread that his wife was having an affair

Police say the husband, Nikita Bobrovsky, set off the explosive after accusing his politician wife, Oksana Bobrovskaya, of cheating on him with a wealthy man. Mr. Bobrovsky and his wife died in the back seat of their Toyota RAV4. The incident took place about 1,700 miles east of Moscow.

America News reports that police found the two bodies "naked below the belt" with the front windshield intact, while the rest of the vehicle was completely destroyed. Police discovered Mr. Bobrovsky's body holding "a kind of grenade or a piece of TNT," according to a source from American News

Mrs. Bobrovskaya was a member of Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party, according to News Austrailia, and her husband was allegedly a former special services officer for the Russian military. Both Bobrovskaya and her husband were believed to be in their early 30s. The couple has left behind a four-year-old daughter, who was nowhere near the incident. The daughter was left orphaned after the tragedy.