A report by website recoverybrands.com is shining a light on New Zealand and Australia, with the two countries revealed as some of the biggest per-capita drug users. 

The report, written using data sourced from the UN, breaks down usage rates of various drugs, overdoses and demand for rehabilitation services across the globe. Australia topped the charts for global ecstasy use, with New Zealand a close second. 

In addition to ecstasy, New Zealand ranked third behind Iceland (?) and the US in cannabis usage, with Australia ranking 5th. The report also proves Aussies have a taste for cocaine and opioids, and both countries are big users of 'amphetamine-like stimulants'. 

Another segment of the report shows cannabis is the drug most Australians and Kiwis will seek treatment for. You can view the full report here, or take a look at the graphs below for more info.