The new trailer for London Has Fallenthe sequel to 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen, will be taking the terror threat-level to ‘piss-your-pants yellow’ in London.

It looks like the film will be following the same premise of America's enemies trying to the kill the President of The United States, played by Aaron Eckhart, with Gerard Butler’s character once again being the only Secret Service agent competent enough to protect him. However in place the of your typical angry North Korean ‘commies’, we’ve got very angry middle-eastern terrorists instead.

DIVERSITY! We’re sure this film will do wonders for actual relations between the West and the Middle-East.

You can expect the typical bang-bang-kill-kill schtick here as London is literally ripped to shreds with explosions and mass hysteria, all just to assassinate the POTUS, seems like overkill if you ask us. Thanks for nothing America.

London Has Fallen will be in UK cinemas 4 March 2016.