A man searching for his lost dog discovered two puppies cemented inside a large fish tank that was dumped on the bank of a Mississippi creek. Upon closer inspection Matt Williamson noticed that the tank's lid was cemented shut—if he had found the dogs any later, they would have either died due to suffocation or drowning in the tank.

The black-and-white pups were taken to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. In a news report by local station WAPT, the dogs look frightened and one pup even puts his paw around the other. Director Debra Boswell told WAPT that the dogs were "a little feral and not used to human handling."

"As I got closer, I saw these eyes peering out at me and they looked pretty desolate, like they needed help," Williamson told WAPT.

Here is what the puppies look like, FYI:


After the pups were discovered they were taken to an animal shelter, and deputies are investigating the incident. It is still unknown if Williamson has found his own dog or if the two pups have found a new place to call home (we're sure they'll be snatched up in no time though—they're absolutely adorable).

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