"Flashing Lights," co-directed by Spike Jonze and Kanye West, still remains one of the most most difficult mainstream music videos of all time a full seven years after its release. Pop historians will note that the visual narrative at the heart of "Flashing Lights" was a noticeable departure for West at the time, a move perhaps hinting at the Fantasy to come. Longwinded theorizing aside, it's a ridiculously good video and more than worthy of a proper Grand Theft Auto V tribute, a crowning achievement that has now become a reality thanks to the team at I Can't Even Productions.

The attention to detail here is just as striking as Animal Robot's recent nod to N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton," a feat that thankfully warranted a side-by-side comparison video:

Genius. To bring this whole beautiful thing full circle, revisit the original:

Will someone please give that pretty underrated Spike Jonze / Kanye West short film, the aptly titled "We Were Once a Fairytale," the GTA V tribute treatment now?