The porn world is a strange, often sleazy world. But James Deen, arguably the most famous adult film actor working today, has been able to maneuver his way through the landscape scandal-free, maintaining a likeable, boy next door image. That is, until now.

Last night, Stoya, an adult film actress and writer, tweeted about Deen, accusing the actor, who has also appeared in more mainstream work including Paul Schrader's The Canyons alongside Lindsay Lohan, of rape. In her tweets, which you can see below, Stoya expresses her disgust at the way people have been perceiving Deen as a feminist figure. Her second tweet (TW) elaborated on the rape. 

Stoya and Deen not only worked together in a couple of films in the past, but they also dated back in 2013. She hasn't said anything else since her tweets last night.