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When locked up in prison, it's probably best to refrain from adding more time to your sentence. Two inmates thought they could escape from prison with a fake gun made out of soap and toilet paper (yes, you read that right). Now both inmates are facing additional charges and increased bonds to their original sentences.

During a cell block search officers not only discovered the fake weapon, but they found a handcuff key that an officer dropped by mistake (whoops), according to a statement released by the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. The two inmates, Troy Benner and Treiston Pierron, were both charged with attempted simple escape. Benner's bond has increased to $400,000 and Pierron's bond increased to $300,000.

The Sheriff's Office reports that Benner was the mastermind behind the escape, however Pierron "allegedly had knowledge of Benner’s activities and assisted him in planning the escape attempt." He also reportedly knew of the fake gun, which was "composed of soap, toilet paper, and other materials, most of which are made available to inmates."

Benner was arrested in July 2015 for armed robbery charges and Pierron was locked up in August 2015 for simple arson charges.