So many TV shows, so many apparent character deaths to mourn before presenting survival theories only to, in some cases, eventually be proven correct. Much like (SPOILER ALERT) his AMC pal Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead, Jon Snow of the Game of Thrones clique has been the subject of much debate in the months since his (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU WATCH STUFF EMBARRASSINGLY LATE) presumed death on last season's finale.

Following a brief stint mastering tennis alongside Andy Samberg, it would appear that our fallen Snow is pretty much back in the fold. Shortly after a pretty glaring Jon Snow spoiler popped up on Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall, HBO kindly offered the first bit of teaser art ahead of the April 2016 premiere of the Obama-approved series' sixth season:


That, oh spoiled ones, is Jon Snow. Settle your bets now, then redirect that energy into willing a Game of Thrones / The Walking Dead crossover episode involving Jon Snow, Glenn Rhee, and a miraculous dumpster into existence.