If you want to successfully rob a casino and you're not Danny Ocean, the most important tip is to remain calm. Of course, it also helps to wear a great disguise. An unknown perpetrator in Detroit pulled off an impressive heist with these two factors alone. According to the New York Daily News, a man stole $500,000 from Greektown Casino in Detroit by simply dressing as a security guard, grabbing a few bags of money off the back of an armored truck, and calmly walking away. 

The heist occurred at about 8:15 a.m. on Friday, the Detroit News reports. Police say there were no threats of violence—the guy didn't even brandish a gun. "It was a larceny as opposed to a robbery," Sergeant Cassandra Lewis said told the Detroit News. "No weapon was used, no threats, no force and no injuries." 

"At this time, it looks like the suspect just walked away," Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt said. "He didn't have a getaway vehicle." The FBI will take part in the investigation, which is ongoing. Robbing an armored truck in broad daylight with no weapon and no escape plan is a gutsy move. Stealing is wrong and all, but it's impossible not to admire this guy's unprecedented level of chill.

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