When 19-year-old Sarah Furay was busted for alleged "possession and delivery" of cocaineEcstasymeth, and LSD in Texas earlier this month, her bizarrely happy mugshot quickly went viral after inspiring various nicknames such as "Adorable Drug Kingpin" and variations on that theme. After being booked at the Brazos County Jail and posting her $39,000 bond, Furay was promptly released:

However, according to a fresh report from Death and Taxes, there is one more detail about Furay that’s probably worth mentioning:

New information brought to the attention of Death and Taxes reveals that Furay’s father is Bill Furay, a supervisory special agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He is currently serving as the DEA’s diplomatic attaché at the U.S. Ambassador’s office in Panama City, Panama, and was previously Resident Agent in Charge at the DEA office in Galveston, Texas.

Of course, the discovery of this information most certainly doesn't automatically suggest any manipulation of the system. However, as should be obvious, the relationship certainly couldn't hurt someone's chances of feeling comfortable enough to smile in a mugshot. According to the same report, Furay's mother works as a principal at a high school in Woodlands, Texas. The two parents, however, are divorced.