Facebook, your grandmother’s favorite social media presence and newly minted $300 billion company, just announced some pretty amazing new artificial intelligence technology. In a video shared by Mr. Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is shown describing photos to blind users as part of the company’s long-term goal of bringing social media access to as many people as possible.

"We’re still early with this technology," Zuckerberg said when sharing the clip, "and you can already start to imagine how helpful it will be in the future." According to Zuckerberg, their AI can already look at a photo and immediately figure out what’s in it and explain it to you. This, as history will attest, was long overdue.

Facebook shares are currently up nearly 41 percent, according to a recent analysis by Quartz. In fact, that rise is the key factor in the company’s aforementioned evaluation of "above $300 billion," a distinction placing it among the fiscally elite. Maybe that's why Twitter killed off favorites and replaced them with hearts?