Sorry burrito lovers, but you might have to give up your weekly (or daily; we don't judge) dose of Chipotle. Earlier this month the chain temporarily closed 43 of its stores in Washington and Oregon due to an E.coli outbreak, and the contamination seems to have spread. The bacteria has now infected people in California, New York, and Ohio, the New York Post reports.

Even worse, symptoms of E.coli infection might not show up right away—the Center for Disease Control said that, of the 45 people infected, 43 said they ate at Chipotle the week before they got sick. The CDC says it's aware of illnesses that have occurred between Oct. 19 and Nov. 8, but that cases after Oct. 31 might not have been reported yet. Customers who've become infected have reported eating at restaurants in Turlock, Calif.; Akron, Ohio; Amherst, N.Y.; and Burnsville, Minn.

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold told the Post that no restaurants will be closed as a result of the new infections and that the company has taken measures like deep cleaning restaurants, replacing ingredients, and providing supply chain data to investigators. Despite efforts, the source of E.coli is still undetermined. Until the mystery is solved, it might be time to try Dos Toros.