Postorgasmic illness syndrome sounds terrible. Basically, about an hour after a sufferer ejaculates, they develop flu-like symptomsincluding rashes, depression and serious confusionwhich last for up to a week. 

One Reddit user who identified himself as a sufferer said it's "like having your soul sucked out of you," (which can sometimes sound like a good thing when you're referring to ejaculation) but in the case of POIS, it's bad enough that people stop having sex altogether, according to a VICE report. 

It's still not clear to doctors exactly what causes the rare condition, which is right on par with getting severe pink eye ever time you eat a slice of pizza, or getting beaten up and robbed on the street and finding out the culprit was your favorite aunt Linda (in terms of awfulness via awesomeness). 

Some doctors, though, believe it's caused by an allergy to the sufferer's own semen, and according to a 2011 study by Marcel Waldinger, one of the men who discovered the disease, there's a good chance that's true based on allergy skin tests.


The treatment, according to Waldinger: injections of extremely diluted semen under the skin, designed to trigger a small amount of the reaction, with the concentration of semen increased over over a period of between one and three years, with the goal of eventually achieving a reduction in symptoms.

That's a long time to get your own semen injected into your skin, but not nearly as long as a lifetime without coming.