When Kit Thompson arrived to his Florida home after staying a couple of nights at his mom's house due to a minor illness, he shockingly discovered two mysterious men sleeping in his bed. Who were these strangers you ask? One of the intruders Jaquel Fleming was recently released from prison and wanted to celebrate his freedom with buddy Keilow Roundtree so they broke into Thompson's house. The two criminals hosted wild 'jail release' parties for five days!

Thompson immediately called 911 and within minutes police officers surrounded the home and demanded Fleming and Roundtree come out, according to ABC WFTS. Deputies had to release the K-9s into the home because both men refused to exit the home. Once Thompson was able to safely enter his own home, he noticed an immeasurable amount of damage everywhere, like $4,000 worth of damage. Investigators learned Fleming and his buddy broke into Thompson's house to "party and smoke weed in celebration of Fleming's recent release from jail." Though that didn't last too long.

Fleming has been arrested seven times in Polk County for carrying a concealed firearm, burglary, theft, possession, resisting arrest and grand theft of a motor vehicle. He was most recently arrest for burglary, grand theft and possesion of marijuana by the Lakeland Police. He was sentenced to 220 days and was recently let out.