Though REI is trying admirably hard to inspire everyone to simply #OptOutside instead of trampling each other to score an increasingly antiquated electronic device for the low, plenty of people will most certainly choose instead to trample this wholesome Black Friday. But, just as Justin Bieber recently proposed on an album a lot of people might buy on Black Friday, what about the children?

"Hey, it’s an extra $650 to watch their kids while they are sleeping," John Rampton, an entrepreneur and founder of, tells Mashable regarding the first time he watched his friends’ kids while they toiled away with Black Friday nonsense. "[It] doesn’t interfere with our Thanksgiving. We usually end up taking everyone to a movie on Thanksgiving night." $650? Interesting. Thankfully, the entrepreneurial spirit is strong with others across the globe, many of whom have taken to Craigslist to offer their own babysitting services:


In fact, an entire "cottage industry" has popped up around Black Friday babysitting. A quick Craigslist search shows that competition is steep, but maybe America can somehow make babysitting a part of the massive consumerism praise-a-thon that consumes much of mankind between November and December.

Make America Shop Again.

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