In the wake of last week's tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, people around the world have united to proudly announce their support for France. John Oliver gave us a much-needed "moment of premium cable profanity." Saturday Night Live opened its most recent episode with a simple but profound message for the people of France. A pianist drove over 400 miles to perform an emotional rendition of John Lennon's plea for peace "Imagine." Charlie Hebdo, whose French headquarters were the site of a previous terrorist attack earlier this year, has now unveiled their first cover since Friday's attacks, and it's just as defiant, daring, and ultimately quite triumphant as we would hope.

The cover, shared by Charlie Hebdo's own Mathieu Madénian on Tuesday, shows a man dancing while downing champagne that quickly escapes through what appear to be bullet holes in his body. The cover's text, which originally appears in French, translates to "They've got the guns. Fuck them. We have the champagne."

On January 7, 2015, 12 people were killed at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris after reportedly being targeted for its controversial depictions of the Prophet Mohammed. The massacre quickly inspired the hashtag #jesuischarlie ("I am Charlie") and inspired another equally defiant cover from Charlie Hebdo shortly after.