Proving that you can make a film about anything in Hollywood, Brett Ratner is set to bring the story of Tetris to the silver screen. 

Before you all start typing in the comment boards regarding how much of a dumb idea this sounds, don’t worry, it’s not an actual story about Tetris – the game itself doesn’t even have a storyline.

The movie will actually follow the journey of the creator Alexey Pajintov, who despite giving birth to what is essentially one of the world’s most addictive games ever, never had any ownership of the his creation. Due to sanctions by the then Soviet Union, Tetris was deemed intellectual property of the state of Russia and therefore he did not see a penny for his work until 1996, five years after Nintendo secured the rights.

Over the years the iconic block puzzle game has transcended video games culture and has been the primary reason why gamers in the 80's and 90's spent forever in the bath or the toilet. Despite it's various iterations one thing that has remained is the iconic music which we’re sure everyone knows.

This guy gets it...

The film is still in it’s pre-production phase as Ratner and producer James Packer are still looking for a screenwriter.

[via Den Of Geek]