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Bradley Cooper, who voices Rocket Raccoon, in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy maybe in deep doo-doo with the film studio after he inadvertently gave away a major plot for the film’s sequel.

Whilst doing an interview promoting his new film Burnt he seemed to have given away a huge spoiler concerning the plot for the sequel to Marvel’s sci-fi blockbuster. It was such a rookie move that even his Burnt co-star Sienna Miller (who has nothing to do with the Marvel franchise, mind you) looked on in complete horror, like watching a car crash that you’re powerless to stop. Because even she knew how badly he 'f'ed up'. Credit to her as she tried to stop him but we think by then the damage had been done.

We like to think of ourselves as nice people so we won’t spoil it for you… but we will show you the video where Cooper definitely gives away the spoiler. So what you do with that video is up to you.

[via Games Radar]