The hacktivist group known only as Anonymous has reportedly responded to the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris with a YouTube video promising a full-on "war" against ISIS. An apparent spokesperson is seen in the video wearing the group’s usual Guy Fawkes mask while delivering a warning message ahead of "the biggest ever operation" against the terrorist collective.

"Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down," the spokesperson says in the video, according to translated transcripts obtained by Sky News, NBC News, and others. "You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you." Adding that the attacks in Paris can’t go "unpunished," the supposed Anonymous representative promised to hunt down the "vermin" responsible for the murders just as they did "to those who carried out the attacks on Charlie Hebdo."

As noted by NBC News, a tweet from the group’s believed-to-be-official Twitter account asserted a war against Daesh, an alternative name for ISIS gaining traction among world leaders for reasons outlined by Yahoo News below:

Daesh is technically an acronym for the Islamic State's proper Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, and was used by ISIS members for a period of time. The word Daesh is now forbidden within the territory controlled by the Islamic State: If you say it, you run the risk of having your tongue cut. The term fell out of favor among the militants after a rebranding by the group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in July. Part of the reason is because in Arabic the word "Daesh" can be taken as a play on words to mean something along the lines of "a bigot who imposes his view on others" or "to trample down and crush," the Boston Globe reported

Peace for Paris.