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Amber Rose gifted the Ace of Diamonds gentlemen's club in Los Angeles with "fistfuls of cash" and 'gram-worthy dances earlier this week, hosting an obviously great turn-up. Rose was apparently financially generous throughout the evening, according to TMZ, and only took brief "twerk breaks" between showing extra special attention to a dancer who shared a striking resemblance with the recent SlutWalk host:

Rose also shared a ‘gram of her own featuring none other than the one and only Welven Da Great, presumably from the same night:


​Rose's early days as an adult dancer are well-documented, including a 2012 interview with the New York Post in which Rose described the initial shock and eventual freedom of shaving her head, a move which ultimately birthed her iconic look. "After I shaved it, I cried for a few days, until I realized it looked dope,” she recalled. “Sinead O’Connor was a bald-headed bad-ass, and I loved her." Rose is currently promoting her new book awesomely entitled How to Be a Bad Bitch, which is clearly doing quite well: