Believe it or not, Adult colouring books are topping Amazon Canada’s most-wished for and bestseller lists in Canada. The addictive, patterned books made up nine of the top 10 "most wished for" books on this week, and six of the top 10 overall bestsellers.

If you haven’t already gotten into the colouring book craze get ready because blockbuster franchises — like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Dr. Who — are set to publish colouring books that will hit the shelves before Christmas. Still not your thing? What if we told you that you can even pick up a Ryan Gosling-themed colouring book?

Of course, the fad isn't exactly new.... Adult colouring books have been making headlines for months and have been purported to help with anxiety and stress levels.

Johanna Basford, the creator of the insanely popular Secret GardenEnchanted Forest, and Lost Ocean colouring books recently spoke to the New York Times about why adults have taken so strongly to colouring.

"We’re living in an increasingly digital world,” Basford said. “People are plugged in 24/7... I think we just crave that ability to switch off and to focus on something real."