Studies have shown working for hours while sitting still at a desk is a steady route to diabetes, and more extremely, death. Fidgeting has been seen as a solution to this, but what if there was a better, more comfortable one out there? Altwork, a startup hailing from Sonoma Valley, Calif., has created that solution in the form of the Altwork Station. The alternative work station—goodbye static desk and stiff neck—proposes “the new way to work.” 

Aimed at “high-intensity” computer users such as programmers, designers, writers, and others who use computers for work, the Station allows users to adjust their preferences from sitting to standing offering four modes. The modes: standing, collaboration, regular, and focus; are adjusted through buttons on the desk. Standing and regular are self-explanatory. Collaboration allows your computer monitor to turn on the Station’s arm when working with others and focus let’s you recline all the way back with the desk and computer monitor adjust to your reclining position. The desk has magnets so that your keyboard and other gadgets don’t slip off when you’re reclining. 

Mashable’s Chris Perkins, who actually got to try out the Station, explained how he felt working in it: “This workstation made me acutely aware of my body and in turn, how poorly I sit in normal chairs. Sitting (and lying) in this chair felt like getting a massage on my neck and shoulders, which pointed out to me how much tension I carry in that area while I work.”

And that pretty much nails how I feel when working, slouching and looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Unfortunately, the Station will set you back $5,900 ($3,900 if you get it now) so you better get used to having a stiff nick. 

[via Mashable]