Moms got a great deal of shine on Monday, what with their babies dressed as Hitler and their misguided moped excursions, so today we focus on dads. To be fair, dads have been enjoying a pretty solid 2015 thanks to the sensational rise (and subsequent fall?) of whatever the hell a Dadbod is. Just ask confirmed greatest interviewee of the year, Vin Diesel.

At any rate, the dad at the center of the Uproxx-uncovered clip above is peak Dad, right? Loose-fitting polo shirt. Combed mustache. And an unparalleled willingness to join his daughter on a roller coaster, despite having never experienced a roller coaster in his life. His reaction, which is essentially a lot of "shits," delivered at varying volumes and cadences, is not unlike that of younger roller coaster first-timers. Didn't we all scream profanities on our first roller coaster ride?

Someone hurry up and pitch Dads Riding Roller Coasters for the Very First Time While Screaming "Shit!" to the most accessible purveyor of reality TV. We deserve a gem like that.