With Jimmy Kimmel currently enjoying his New York homecoming by staging a week of shows at Howard Gilman Opera House at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, it was only a matter of time before ballet superstar Misty Copeland paid him a proper visit. Kimmel, clearly still in good spirits after squashing simultaneous beefs with both the gamer community and one Matt Damon, even managed to score a private ballet lesson from Copeland, who currently stands as the principal ballerina for the American Ballet Theater.

Kimmel gracefully brought along Guillermo, his trusted companion, for the lesson ahead of their stage debut. As this is Jimmy Kimmel, the antiquated humor of "Oh, look! A guy wears a tutu! Hilarious!" is definitely still all over this skit, though that complaint is tiny and quickly dwarfed by the gravitas of Misty Copeland and her dedication to the art of ballet.

Copeland made history earlier this year, becoming the first black principal ballerina at the aforementioned American Ballet Theater, one of the three leading ballet companies in America. "I never saw a ballerina who looked like me before," Copeland told the audience at the Time 100 gala back in April, where she was honored alongside Kanye West, Lorne Michaels, and others. "I’m here to be a vessel for all these brown ballerinas who have come before me."