Family Matters still stands as a wildly underrated sitcom, one of those that really takes you back to the super fun delusion of the 90s. Ja Rule, reigning champ of the 00s TRL gold rush and current star of the new MTV reality series Follow the Rules, decided to put the charm to good use and has gracefully given us a very necessary Family Matters parody featuring his real-life family. The clip also generously provides this meme-ready screengrab of Ja Rule:

The clip premieres ahead of the debut of Ja’s aforementioned docuseries Follow the Rules, which follows the rapper-turned-family-man as he tries to keep the lid on his sanity alongside his wife, Aisha, in a house packed with immediate family members. The TV-ready household currently counts Ja’s mother, mother-in-law, teen children Brittney and Jeffrey Jr., and self-professed "ladies man" (and Ja’s youngest son) Jordan as full-time residents.

For further convincing on making Rules a weekly must-watch, just check out the show's trailer, featuring a downright prophetic Ja Rule telling his son that life is like a game of baseball, only with a unicorn at the end of every rainbow:

Follow the Rules lands at MTV on Monday, Oct. 26 and/or you can grab the first episode here.